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Interior Footstep Sounds Missing (Experimental,0.44.123800 )
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It seems that certain interior spaces are missing their footstep sounds. It allows for moving 100% silently in doors. It seems only certain ground-types are silent and some still work as intended. Example: Red Brick Building, cafe region is silent when walking on it, but back rooms (wood floors) are audible as usual.


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Walk into interior spaces and listen for footsteps based on ground-type.

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Tested in Polana.

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Appears that multiple surfaces, even outdoor ones are missing sounds. For example, the North West Airfield tarmac doesn't make a sound when running on it.

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^ can confirm

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airfield jailhouses has also no surface sound.
runnin exact in the middle of roads has also no surface sound.

It could be dependend on Footwear. I remember doing footsteps with military boots in buildings, while my other char has sneakers can sneak around silently inside buidings. I am going to check this confirm if it's a bug or by design.

this bug will be related to the odd bug from the previous build, where sprinting with 2 handed melee created only a walking footstep audio to play. i find that actually the sound for the footsteps now just comes and goes as i run around. i have run around over space where the footsteps are silent, to have them magically come back, so i dont think it is certain areas, but actually more dependant on something else, ie player movement itself, possibly maybe a fault in the new code used to fix the bug i mentioned before

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The sound effect of walking on different surfaces is inconsistent. Playing the game in an urban setting for approximately 10 minutes will confirm it.