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Can't mend certain clothing
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Most items you can't mend with a sewing kit as when you drag the kit to the item it stays red indicating it can't be used with the other item.

But when you drag the kit to some clothing items it turns green and pop up the sewing kit mending option. But then we're told it can't be mended.

This is a waste of time surely? :)


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Drag sewing kit to hats or backpacks, etc.

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These should either be allowed to be patched or not. Please make a choice? :)

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Change this to items topis rather than environment.

Obviously some items can't be patched (tac vests) but I agree to an extent that some more items should be able to be patched.

You can't just patch tac vests since they provide damage protection and in real life you don't just find random threads of kevlar laying around (unless you work for Dupont).

Sewing kits only provide a cosmetic change to clothing since shirts and pants don't provide a huge degree of protection from bullets/zombie kits. It's really just for aesthetics.

Surely they protect against the rain and cold?

lenni20 added a subscriber: lenni20.May 8 2016, 5:53 PM

Tactical carrier vests are not made from kevlar and they offer no bullet protection. In my opinion you should be able to patch everything that u can patch in real life. Standard carrier vests, rain jackets, hats, backpacks, holster and so on. Im sure developers will add the patch option for these items later....