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[SUGGESTION] Weapons should only be reload-able when the character is holding them in hands. (Realistic, right?)
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When a player wants to reload a gun, he should put it in his hands first when he drags the ammo on it. This is not just real,but also a bigger challenge during a gun fight. Also, it is logical and realistic.


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Get a weapon
You want to reload
Promt: Weapon needs to be in hands first
Drag ammo on the weapon in inventory
Reloading animation is played

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Sorry, disagree... The problem is - when a player wants to do anything in the game, it would be more realistic to put everything in his hands, so weapon doesn't seem too special (why not to make the same with plastic box, emptying ammo box etc.). In my humble opinion we should consider a difference between realism of conditions or obstacles (sickness, dangers, needs in some equipment etc.) and realism of simple human's actions for this game. Shouldn't care about the second. Because for the second thing it's better to take real gun or a bow and to find real forest around own home for shooting some cans or bottles instead of enjoying simulation in front of PC. It will be 100% real and hard then.