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[SUGGESTION] Items fade/render distance and objects quality should be separated and not controlled together.
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Objects quality is the most "laggy" option in the game and even on high end machines setting it beyond low/normal will kill the 60 fps target, but setting it to low also makes the items (loot) like food and weapons disappear from a shorter distance so I really think that Objects quality and Items fade/render distance should be separated (they should not be tied together) for a better control of the game graphics because items are way more important than good looking trees.

Maybe in the future items could be rendered at a way longer distance without being that laggy, that way we could look for loot with a sniper scope or with binoculars for example.

That's my dream.


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You should go search online for DayZ performance tweaks..they could really help you. Have you done anything to startup parameters, .cfg etc..?


The issue was totally changed due the fact that I can't delete it.

The old one was futile and didn't show my true issue.