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When reloading a gun and it has to be emptied first, the shells do not auto combine, appear on ground
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When there is no free space in your inventory and you empty your gun and those bullets could just auto combine with a stack you already have that has space for them, it doesn't combine and you can lose your ammo, or it appears on the ground.


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Make sure inventory is full

2.Empty out any gun

3.If there is a stack of that ammo that has some space of the ammo from the gun, it will not automatically combine, but the ammo is dropped on the ground.

4.Lose ammo (if running away from a firefight/zombies)

Additional Information

Items should auto stack, if there is enough space in the stack, or it should stack as much as it can together and then creating a new one from the rest. (maybe not all items, but atleast ammunition)

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