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hackers play Dayz without names
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Players have the ability to play without adding a name to his\her avatar, so they can hack without worrying about being noticed or reported.

Players should not be allowed to play the game without having a name as an alias.


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Go to bottom right of game screen delete your name and play.

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Interesting, as I saw a user today getting kicked for an invalid name.
It looked like they started trying to use nothing, was kicked by battleEye, then proceeded to try things like ~ and a couple of other chars and battleEye kicked them each time.
Please note I have not tried this myself, I am only going off of the battleEye msgs I received during gameplay today.

players with no names do not get kicked, invalid names are ones containing "inappropriate" words, common words that are found to be offensive, simply not entering a name is in no way offensive and thus it works, try and you will see.

Ah, I see that's why the msg in battleEye did not display any name.
Then I agree 100% they should be kick when supplying no name.

Server admins already have options (within a BE plugin) to kick people off with no names. Because of some issues with the plugin not every admin (like me) is using/installing this plugin. If u notice players being kicked for having the wrong or no name, it's because this plugin is already installed and activated on the server.

Understood, thx