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When logged out and having a gun in hands, weapon appears in inventory, but player has empty hands.
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When I logged out, I had my Mosin in my hands, and I also had a shotgun on my back. And when I logged in again, I still had the mosin in the same place in inventory, but the character was not holding it anymore. {F30743}


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Steps To Reproduce

1.Get two weapons (might also work with just one, if it is in hands)
2.Log out, but do not quite the game (not sure if it changes anything)
3.Log back in, and the weapon should be in inventory, but not in hands

Additional Information

This might allow players to carry more than two big weapons at one time (stacking).

You can clearly see in the picture that I have my mosin in my inventory, but my hands are empty.

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Confirmed... had this nice glitch too. :)

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long time ago, yes indeed this is fact :)