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Hi! I play with maximum graphics settings, and people with low graphics settings have an advantage because they do not see the grass or bushes, where I can hiding. This will be fixed?


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I agree.

Maybe on lower end machines, work a bit more with the overlay grass texture trick that is used for long distances anyway.

Or introduce several kinds of grass and take only certain kinds of it away on lower end machines, so that players with settings on high have some idea which of the grass they see may not be there for others.

If all else fails, force the player to render everything that is relevant for camouflage. People with insufficient hardware just wouldn't be able to play then. But obviously, this is a last resort and not suitable for an unoptimised alpha version.

There is no ingame option to turn off the grass, for now.

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If you guys didn't know, the terrain option in the graphic settings is forced to very high by the server to everybody has got the same range in wich grass is being rendered.
Also, this is a duplicate of this issue:

andy added a comment.Nov 13 2014, 11:00 AM

Hi everyone,
this is something that we are aware of. Please refer to #10909 in the future.
Thank you for your feedback and patience,