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Zombies Walk Through everything and they are to fast
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I´m pretty sure that many people reports this bug, that zombies can walk through everything. Many of us give a feedback in the steam forums for example when a new update released and all what we see is new content and other bug fixes.

But this bug is the biggest fun killer in this game, because they are to fast.You can´t escape from them, if you go in a house at the one side and leave it from the other side or stay in a house to be safe. The Zombies like ghosts nothing stops them like walls, railings and gateways. If i go to a city to find something to eat or a weapon i always think that i give up the live and commit suicide in the game. So please fix this bug, many of us report this several times but nothing happens. {F30732}


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You are still able to outrun zombies. Double tap W with fists down and you won't have any problems escaping from zombies. So why should you stay in buildings? After some time zombies become slower. I like it, that zombies are a thread in towns, so it's more like pve then pvp, which should be the main interest of a survival game.

And yes, zombies walking through walls is a bug, but it is not game-breaking. It only challenges you to live with such a situation (Maybe Zombies ARE able to walk through walls? Who knows... :-) ).

This is a duplicate report. Please use the search function before posting an issue.

Refer to #77 for further development or to provide additional information on the issue.

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