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Tons of zombies respawning arround the player.
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I was on the hill/side of the forest facing the beach (between Berezino and Solninchy factory) and there were zombies spawning behind me and infront of me ALL THE TIME, and not only there, but everywhere.


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Significantly reduce zombie respawn rate and the shouldn't spawn so close to the player, (within a 500 but not much closer)

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Sorry at steps to reproduce, I got confused and thought what you could do to fix this error. Im new here, you don't need anything to reproduce they just spawn behind you all the time when you are at the edge of the forest at the coast.

I agree. I have killed 5 zombies in the town center of Svetlojarsk and 15-30 seconds later I had three zombies spawned right on me


this is currently intended as it is an early implementation of the respawn system.

This will change as time goes on.