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[suggestion] Medical Braces & using saline bags on self.
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  1. Implement medical braces to spawn in hospitals- same effect as the splint.
  2. Enable players to self use saline bags. DayZ is an unfriendly world, going up to a stranger and asking them to use a saline on you is risky.


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Thing is they should try to have people work together. If your solo you have to rely on natural healing (by being energized and hydrated)

Thing is that realistically I would be able to use them on myself if I were able to use them on someone else.

It affects Gamebalance too much and will OP the Sniper-Campers.

so should you need to have someone feed you and give you water too?


this is working as intended. Some items will require intervention of another player. Saying that you could insert an IV line into yourself properly is probably untrue and is certainly not true for the majority of people.