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Just letting you guys know, that whatever you're doing to "fix" the zombie detection radius thing is making it worse than before. I was in the middle of a field, with nothing closer than 1,000m away and shot one bullet and killed a zombie

Ten seconds later I had 23 (yes I counted) zombies rush me from all sides, sprinting out of the distance. Killed them all.

Then another TEN did the same thing immediately after, and these ones took no damage from bullets.

This is getting out of hand now.


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Stand in the middle of nowhere and make noise

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one of the devs said that if you kill a zombie with gunfire then when it respawns it will be hostile to you and come after you.

Yeah that's stupid, but it doesn't explain where the 23 came from lol
I hadn't killed but three the while time I survived with that guy.

Not to mention the fact it crosses the whole map because it knows your exact location? These things need to give up if they can't see you and you aren't bleeding

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It would be good if stealth killing with an axe or such like stopped the zeds spawning in. I have done the old stealth kills and found that I still get attacked by several zeds that have spawned in after the first kill.

Agreed. This is a bit unrealistic.