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Colour changing background in main menu and unable to change default character
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I can't change my default character, I killed myself, logged out of the server, and then tried changing the character, my character doesn't even show up in the main menu and clicking the button to edit character doesn't show up the player model where you change their gender etc and the background of all menu's is just a solid colour background and keeps changing random colours, the issue isn't affecting play-ability of the game as when i join a server the issue isn't there it only resides on the menus {F30707}


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N/A, Issue is always present

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I've tried re installing the game from scratch and it has not fixed the issue, I've also changed to the experimental build just to see if that's the issue, I will try a graphics driver re install although i'd not have thought it was the issue as all other games are fine last step will be try on spare machine

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Driver reinstall did not fix the issue so its something to do with my game which is odd as my friends have no issues which character and/or menu colours

Same on my side, it happened after the last patch and never changed back to my character-view.

maybe connected?:
Sometimes when I enter the game (i spawn in server) my screen looks alike. (blurry onecolor looking view, not the health effect!) then i go to esc->settings->video and back. that takes me to the normal view (so i can see the country again.)

For better understanding and because i could not upload mp4 with this uploader:

My System: Radeon 7850 / Win7 64bit

It sounds like you have added this command or something like it steam
(-nosplash -noPause -world=empty -skipIntro -world=chernarus)
this will remove all the loading options in the beginning.

Remove these commands and set back to default and the options to set your default player back to the start up screen.

Hope that helps.

oh dear...


causes this behaviour.

Thanks a lot!

Well thats a bit of a derp :P thanks for the help Dqwgstyl