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Gamma switching while running.
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Certain textures seem to produce a type of over gamma exposure that causes a very white bright flickering. This seems to mostly happen when looking west from the sun. {F30695}


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I am using a FullHD and QHD Screen. The QHD Screen i game on and i have a Crossfire setup.

Then play them game and hope to have super white bright flickering

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Roans added a comment.Apr 30 2014, 2:22 PM

Hi GA-Bulletproof, I'm running a 7870 crossfire and have run into this problem. What crossfire setting are you using?

For me, it seems to be solved with enabling frame pacing. I'm using AFR friendly for crossfire.

Hi Roans, I am running 2x6970's. I did have frame pacing enabled at once but it doesn't seem to work correctly with DX9. At least after I switched from catalyst 14.1/2 beta to 3 beta it improved a bit. All I was really able to recognize in difference was the gpu load in cities. It went from 99% to approx. 50%. But this is definitely a game problem because they don't have no real driver implementation at all yet.

Roans added a comment.Apr 30 2014, 2:42 PM

Also try changing your HDR setting back and forth from low to very low. I found that solves other gamma issues I get.

I found GPU load in cities to be helped by downloading RadeonPro, enabling overdrive and enabling "Always use highest performance clocks while gaming".

Running the latest 14.4 drivers also seems to help, but overall there are some odd gamma issues with crossfire at the moment. I suspect all of this will be improved when the new renderer is in, we'll just have to wait and see.

I hope so too. That radeon pro is a nice suggestion. Never heard of it.
My HDR setting is at very low just because (like you said) it solves some of the gamma issues. Can't wait for the game to look like Arma 3. They should have used it as bases for Dayz.

Roans added a comment.Apr 30 2014, 4:16 PM

Good luck with RadeonPro, it's a great program.

Problem with using Arma 3 engine is that it wouldn't have been available to them to develop on until much later and they'd only be getting started on the standlone now (comment by Dean on reddit). They would be at least one year behind where they are now and would still need to do as much modification to the engine to get it to do what they want for Dayz. Only advantage is that they'd have a more up-to-date renderer, which they won't need a year to replace anyways. I think when they're all done developing we're going to be really happy with the results.

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In some light conditions your view going to darkle. Like you walk from a dark room on full sunny day and you cant see for a couple of seconds. Your view getting darker even if the sun is behind you. The opposite of this to look on the floor and your view getting brighter. Tested in 0.44. I know Rocket said they will use a new renderer, but i dont know that will solve this issue. Thats why i report here.