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Character becomes uncontrollable, except for direction.
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I logged on and was running to NWAF. Along the way I decided to stop by a well for a drink and started mashing F. Character suddenly goes prone. Alright, this is omething new, but no biggie.

I checked the house and continued running to NWAF, to get out of the yard, I was about to vault/jump over the fence. Character goes prone. Well, this is weird, I better mash the button some more. Nothing works.

I tried rebinding my keys, V to B. Problem still hasn't been fixed. Ok, this might be due to server, I better relog. That didn't help either. Mash the buttons some more - character starts running, and I can't go prone, get my gun, or anything else, besides checking the inventory or changing direction by mouse or WASD.

Sadly, I'm not able to record.


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Mash vault or F buttons.

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Might be related: Could not use LMB / fire. Broke during a session and then, I wanted to axe a bandit (that killed another player) a question but my axe didn't hit. Died due to lead poisoning (his gun) and after rebirth, I could not hit/ shoot either. Had to restart the game to fix this issue.

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Might be related. When running and switching to the axe, the character will continue running while getting out the axe. No way to step the player model from moving. Mouse input still works (i.e. running in a circle to not fall off the roof)