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Random rubber banding effect + tool bar issues
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Characters teleport back and forth randomly. It seems like loads of players have these issues since the server maintenance on wednesday 26.03.'14 .

There are also issues with the hotkey tool bar. Players cant properly pull their stuff out and use their tools. Sometimes it takes ages until the character responds to commands.


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I have no clue how to reproduce this, just try to join a server and look if these issues occur.

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It is really annoying and makes the game nearly unplayable.

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Same here, Win7 64Bit. Version ...315

Reproduce: Enter a building, leave and run. You get usually teleported back inside. Maybe some anti-clipping thing went wrong or the Server-Forced positioning doesn't work

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This is because of desync guys. You're not able to open doors, or change weapons when you're desynced to the server.

Nope, Oysterz, not desync. I opened the gate away across the street from where I came from, server clearly seen me there, then port back 30 meters. So, it is something else. Also, it mainly happens after you LEFT a building and it ports you back inside and even further away from the direction you ran - even to where you have never stood. It does not happen as long as you STAY in that building.

Correct me if I'm wrong mods; To avoid the "invisible player" bug, when the server and client desyncs the server is forcing the player to the server side position, which won't be correct compared to the "client" (well it would be if you stand still during a desync) You're not able to switch weapon during a desync, and the 30m teleport is because of a small desync probably caused by a bottlenecked bandwidth.

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sometimes its desync, sometimes its not. happens on my favorite server where i never had a desync, as many players have the same problems since that wednesday server maintenance i guess somehow something went wrong...

Started getting this after the maintenance. I've had desync issues before and this seems to be different - I'm still able to open doors and use items, the game just periodically teleports me back into buildings I've already been into (or in one case, just round a corner from where I was standing as I approached a door)