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Cloning ammo
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This is a bug that's relatively easy to use with a fine benefit for players that don't want to follow the game's rules. It is possible to clone infinite ammo with two guns of the same type. I tried it just with the SKS, it could be possible that this wont work with magazines though. It should still work with chambering just one bullet in a weapon that loads magazines.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Get two weapons of the same type (I used the SKS).
  1. Put one weapon in your inventory, take the other one in your hands.
  1. Load the weapon in your inventory.
  1. Put every bullet that could fit the weapons out of your inventory (I'm not quite sure if that's necessary, but I did it that way).
  1. The reload sign should appear. Just press R to reload the weapon in your hands.
  1. If you look in your inventory you should see that the weapon on your back is still loaded (one time it showed that the weapon was empty, but when I relogged the weapon was loaded once again).
  1. Eject the ammo from the weapon in your hands and start again.
  1. If something wont work, eg you cannot fire the weapon that was on your back or it shows that the weapon on your back is empty, just relog and your ammo should be cloned.
Additional Information

There is a second bug that appears with this bug but its not necessary to reproduce the cloning bug: If you hold a weapon in your hand and you relog, the weapon that was in your hands will be in your inventory under the backpack. You can use your hands and do everything until you draw a weapon.

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We were not able to reproduce the issue. Are you able to repeat this every time? Could you maybe record a video for us?

Thank you

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I was able to reproduce this event Kira. When you have a SKS on your back (empty), and one 10 round clip in your inventory;
-pick up another SKS in your hands,
-then load the SKS in your inventory by dragging the 10rnd clip in your inventory screen
-exit inventory screen and press R
-you will now load the empty SKS in your hands with another 10rnd clip.
-empty the SKS you have in your hands, and you've now got a spare clip.

This does hovewer seem to just work once, and only if you currently do not have any other clips for the SKS in your inventory (you'd be loading them instead, like it should be)

I hope you will be able to reproduce this scenario with my instruction.

Degraf added a subscriber: Degraf.May 8 2016, 5:42 PM

ok, so it worked as often as I wanted it to work for me. I got from 8 ammo to 50 very easily (stopped then because.. yeah its kinda not intentional in the game)

i didn't have a 10 round clip btw, i had nothing than two sks, (lucky to find 2, because a friend wanted 1) a backpack and just 8 bullets for the sks.

as soon as i find another sks im gonna reproduce it and try to make a video.

im about to record it (will take some time because i have only a test version of fraps :/)

here is an update on the bug:

-works with sks
-you have to relog to empty the sks you picked up and then to relog to reproduce more ammo

alright here is the video i made, hope it will help

Kira added a comment.Jun 10 2014, 3:21 PM


I am sorry but this issue has expired. If you are still encountering these issues, report it in a new ticket with the files required.

Thank You.