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Zombies Are Hawks
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*le sigh* Fine:

The fact that I can look through a scope from a rooftop in all directions and there isn't one zombie. I take three steps and suddenly Here comes one from way off in the distance, sprinting full tilt towards me when he had no business beign able to detect me from across several acres of wood and fields.
I have even been attacked by zombies who sprint at me while SPAWNING IN, before I even move!

I know this has to have been reported before


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Play the game and dont move

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The Zombie aggro and detection are ridiculous. That and coupled with the fact that they can run full speed up inclines while we are limited to walking (really?) makes no damn sense.


like you said yourself, this has already been reported. Therefore I will close it as a duplicate.

Please use the search function before posting issues.

Thank you!