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Zombies Are Magical Hawk-Ghosts!
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So I see a lot of little things are getting tweaked and fixed. But how about we fic the two biggest game breaking issues that haven't even been touched yet? Two issues that would probably take just a few minutes to fix.

Number one, the fact that I can look through a scope from a rooftop in all directions and there isn't one zombie. I tak three steps and suddenly Here comes one from way off in the distance, sprinting full tilt towards me when he had no business beign able to detect me from across several acres of wood and fields.

Two, the fact that the whole "zombies can go through every single wall" issue hasn't been touched either? This is the single biggest bug in the entire game right now, one of the simplest to fix, and they aren't doing a thing about it. I am this close to just quitting because of that one thing.

And don't troll me with comments about it's Alpha status. TONS of people reported this issue at the beginning and it was ignored. What good is hiding in a house if the just walk through walls like David freaking Blaine.

Seriously, at the very LEAST fix the zombies ghosting through walls bullspit. Until then, I'm through "testing"


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Please do not bunch together multiple bugs. Report one per issue.



please note that this is the alpha phase of game development. In this stage, new features are implemented and very little balancing is done. That is going to take place in the beta phase.

Zombies are constantly being worked on in various areas and will be changed very often. Also, please do not presume to know how difficult something is. AI issues are not "simple to fix", They are actually probably the most difficult issues to fix.

If you do not wish to cope with (possibly gamebreaking) issues. I'd suggest you wait until the beta stage of development or even the full release of the game.