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Game crashes
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The game will go to black screen and send me back to windows but i can still hear game in background. The only way to start again is to ctrl,alt,del and end dayz task. then start again in the same place.


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Happens everytime between 5-20 mins

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When reporting a crash you need to upload a dxdiag report and the files from

Pack the files into a .rar file - if the RAR is smaller than 5000KB, you can attach it here. If it's larger, please upload it to a file sharing website and link it here.

For future reports please refer to the "How to guide"


I have exactly the same issue. First the screen goes black, then windows appears and the game even seems to react normally judging from the sounds I hear and what my friends tell me over teamspeak.

I've uploaded my folder and dxdiag to the issue.

Same issue here with me and my friends. We also get the "Display driver stopped responding..." message. You can also move around ingame after it happens, it's just that the window with the game itself won't appear anymore.

It most often happens when I'm zoomed in with the RightMouseButton and turning rapidly while looking around. Also people had been reducing the frequency with which this crash takes place by changing the amount of memory allocated in the Graphics options of the game. From that I assume it has something to do with the loading terrain depleting the memory on the GPU and causing the Driver to reset, which when happens doesn't bring the game back up.

Same thing happened to me Eric, I have posted many times about it. I have included all details for the developers. Each patch they issue is not resolved. I have given up on reporting it as the game crash occurs on stable and experimental, originally starting out on an experimental build. The patch where they fixed the memory leak started causing this crash for me.

Just to note, if you lower the clock on your memory or lower the GPU memory in your ingame video settings the issue goes away. As this does not occur on any game other than DayZ, I am going to blame this on DayZ.

I have managed to sort out the issue for me by deleting the game completely from the pc and re installing it?

I also did a clean re-install, didn't help.