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Zombies spawning rapidly and right on top of players
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Zombies should be more plentiful, I agree, but recently going through a town is impossible without getting completely swarmed, regardless of how stealthy you are. Zombies are running faster which wouldn't be a big deal if they weren't able to see you from an insane distance or spawn directly near you. There were a few instances where we would be bandaging up in a field after running away from and killing zombies, while one of us would keep watch and the zombies would spawn directly on us causing us to have to move again and re-bandage. Personally I think the new zombie running speed is a little too fast and the old was a little too slow. But the main issue for us was them spawning on top of us and behind us. We are running out of bandages and bullets to combat the rapidly spawning zombies.


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Change how rapidly the zombies spawn
Slightly lessen the speed of the zombies
Distance of Visibility of zombies (they shouldn't be able to see us or catch up 300+ yards away)
Change where zombies spawn in relation to players

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This recent update has been awesome and can't wait to play with the future updates. The above problem is the only one to really complain about, eveything else was very minor.

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I have seen the same thing, sometimes several zombies spawn very close to me. I have also noticed that zeds detect me at much longer range than before. This isn't necessarily a "bug" - I do think zeds were too easy before. If you have a decent weapon (ax or better) this isn't a problem, but it is a challenge if you are a new spawn with no weapon. Could be tough for new players.

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I like the new re-spawn for zeds, but they are doing what rocket didn't want to happen appear out of no were right in front of you. Plus they do to many bleed hits, spend to much of the game bandaging.

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I agree. I like the new Zombies. Also the speed. Also to hit you bloody. But the range of watching you is too much. The radius left and right and hearing of them are very nice.
Where they spawn is too near. If they if they spawn more far the number is also fine

Edit: I have thought about it again and i love the new speed. Also that so many zombies came IN THE CITY if you shot. So let it as it is ;). Only the spawn range to a player and the distance of wachting

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Closing as duplicate of #0009559: Zombies respawn too fast and too close