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Cheater makes loud music (as ghost?)
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We are running and hear loud Music. We hear 3 full Songs all the time, same volume.
We are unable to see him and he wrote us text like "so blind" and wrote songtext.
We run over a free field (2min Speed running, no trees) and no one to see.
So it could be a ghost?
Playername: Blazicx
Servername: DayZ NL 1-3 Hosted by
Real-Time: 21:45
Playtime: 15:32


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That could be the server admin doing that. I haven't heard of any hacks like that existing in the standalone yet, but I know for a fact admins can broadcast globally and send global texts, a friend of mine does it when announcing server restarts.

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And again on another server.
But each time it is in the north-east of the north-west airfield (near of 049 049
It starts as 3 people attacks as. All the time we observed and shot on them not :S

@Geez I think this ticket need to be closed

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