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Rain sets you to soaking wet in a flash
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I know, this is for sure no top priority, but it may come up as soon as health and warmth kicks in.

As soon as you step into the rain, it takes less than 7 seconds to have your outer clothing soaking wet and the rest damp, which is a tad much.


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step in the rain :)

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Heavy rain in Chernarus :D

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+1. in 0.49 this is ridiculous. I ran across the street from one building to another during rain and went from dry and slowly warming to Soaked and rapidly cooling. My clothes were still perfectly dry. (down coat + cargo pants & cowboy hat) I can understand the need to try and stay out of the rain, but it's almost a death sentence making it nearly impossible to loot up when you're lucky to find 3 useful things in a single building. I was thinking to possibly leave my clothes off in one building and do a run to grab stuff with a backpack and return, but the way these servers reset all the time, that's far too risky.

I agree. I spent two seconds out in the rain and I'm soaked. Then I'm cold, and freezing within 30 seconds. This needs to calm down. I spend most of my time waiting out the rain. I'm thinking that if you spend more than 2-4 actual minutes in the rain, you'd get soaked. But, it's just too much wringing out.

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Hello survivors,
the getting wet mechanic is a subject of balancing and possible reworking in the future.
Your feedback has been noted.
Thank you,