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Zombies spawn and aggro range
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i spawned with a new char and ran in direction of berenzino, about 200 meters away was a zombie, who directly chased me. i ran in the other direction to get rid of him. after a while i was so far away, i couldnt see him anymore. then i tried to configure my graphics and saw, that the zombie still continued following me and now there was his girlfriendzombie too. i tried to outrun them again, but it was not possible and they didnt stop following me, so i fought them at the coast far away from any city! as i fought them down, few seconds later got trouble again with two other zombies which were spawning instantly after i killed the other two after this again respawn and bleeding to death. pls dont get me wrong, zombies were very skillless in the pre patch and no one took care of them. but now, if you play solo, you have no downtime, to cure your wounds or for looting or kind of stuff, because of the instantrespawn.

different situation was, my bambie-friend was followed by a guy with an axe in elektro. i was on a hill next to elektro and shot him down with sks. -> 10 zombies at me. its okay, its a zombie game. but this zombie invasion did not end, because of instantly respawning and chasing zombies. i felt like in a wave-survivingmod which never ends. we both ended up dying because of bleeding.


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there is another bugreport for this with the same issue