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Bleed during the 280 seconds of wait and die in the spawn
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After a loss of connection, I change server, I have to wait 280 seconds, I spawn, I'm bleeding of everywhere and I died before having time to make me a bandage, I think that I have been attacked and bled during the 280 seconds of wait because I was in excellent health before the loss of connection.
It is not normal, we should not be able to bleed or be attacked during the waiting time


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change server and spawn near a zombie or change server during you bleeding, wait the 280 secondes and see the result

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It might be the other way round... You disconnected from your old server, even if its a connection loss, your body will remain on that server for those other 30 secs. In that time you might have been attacked by a zombie or player. It's quit annoying, especially if it wasn't your fault...

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 5:36 PM

he was attacked by zombies during disconnect and "please wait" during connecting (see

In any event, it is not normal, we should not be able to be attacked during the waiting time of disconnect or of connect.

The waiting time is to prevent people from combat logging, if you can't attack them during the time they need to disconnect, this does not make any sense...

Tobbs, but is it so. We tested it with two players.
One is ingame and watching and the other one is reconnecting. Its a bug

Why would be bug, just couse you tested? Oo

Btw it should be work only with the restriction. If somebody in combat when log out, he shouldn't be able to connect to any onther server for example at least one hour. So if he just combatlog he can't connect to any other server for a long time, so the attackers can wait him. But if he only disconnected, got a pc fault or anything like it he wouldn't die couse of the restrction.

i try to describe it better.
You run and see nothink. The first bug starts. The game is not responding for the client. You can only run. On the server you are online and stand still. You log out. In the time the client game is not responding the zombies attack you. But you do not get with. Then (additional the 30 sec. starts. This is okay and fine).
THEN try to connect on a server. Here you have two steps and you couild test it:

  1. waiting time (all fine with zombie attack)
  2. now the bug starts. over 1min on the screen stands "please wait" and in this time zombies kill you. You are ingame but can't move, see nothink except please wait.

If you have another person he/she could observed it

Tobbs added a comment.Mar 21 2014, 9:34 AM

@nerobp EDIT: havent seen your post, so I agree with this "Pleas Wait"

@Matsumoto Bizne: but how to determin combat logging? The server might have problems to differ between removing your lan manually and having real connection issues?

near like it. As the point he disconnect or the game crashes there is no one else there and no zombies. BUT in the waiting time (combat time) new zombies spawn and this zombies hit him if i don't kill them.
In the end if all the time (waiting time and "please wait") you are death or bleeding.
This is what i say.
Sometimes it needs also time until you see the zombies if you are on the server. You see, you are bleeding run and press tab for inventory and see that you are bleeding but see no zombie. After 1min more you get 5, 6, 7 hit, all gray and THEN you see the zombies.

@Tobbs: It don't have to. If you remove your lan you wouldn't be able to connect to other server for a long time. Like if you lost your connection for real. So yes, if he wait for hours he can stay alive with this, but if somebody so low, he enjoy this... Then honestly, he should do it. It is much more better then die couse of real connection issues.
And if altF4 not work, then normal people can't combat log if they get surprised.

sparti added a subscriber: sparti.May 8 2016, 5:36 PM

I observed yesterday that my friend joined the game while he still saw the "Waiting" screen for one minute. In case he joined alone without my support, he would have been dead :(