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If you break your leg you just have to crawl for hours/suicide button
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I understand it's made like this to amp the realism and all that, but it's really annoying, because if i break my leg and i'm far from a zombie, i just have to crawl an insane ammount of time to get to somewhere where i can either die or find something to treat myself, it's a total bummer in my opinion because it just breaks the game for me.
I know this is not a bug i'm just saying there should be a suicide button or something, because it's unbarable to have to crawl for 30 minutes sometimes to get to a place where you can die to respawn with nothing.


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not a bug.

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Or go on TS from the Trusted Medics of the Wasteland TMW ( and ask for help!

What's really annoying is that there are many buildings you can't enter or leave without using vault. (For example the hospital in Elektro, where you would go if you are looking for morphine)

In the recent patch they removed the ability to vault if your legs are broken, making beaking your legs a gamebreaking expierience.

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A request for a suicide option already exists at #4938