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Reconnect to the same server should not give you time penalty
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So we all have problems at some point with the anti-hoppers systems and its something that we all have to deal with cause its the only solution and i get it.

But there are sometimes when for example you get disconnect from a server cause session lost or what ever, if you try to reconnect to that SAME server you have to wait the 300 seconds. So i ask for a rework on this, if someone is server hopping he is not going to reconnect the same server; So why to apply a penalty in those cases?


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-Enter to a server
-Reconnect to the same server
-Wait for the unfair penalty to go off.

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You may say "this is not a bug so fuck off", but i belive this is something they made by misstake so it is kinda a bug.

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Voted down because of ghosting.

[EDIT to clarify 2014-03-16 19:19 CET]
What if at the ATC watchtower someone ran away from a fight (he may started), hide in some hangar and logout. You and your buddies chase him and search the near hangars, barracks etc., but can't find him. Now there are two endings to that:

A: He could rejoin anytime and attack your group again from somewhere in your back what you didn't expect because you searched that area. (I'd say this is also some sort of ghosting...)
B: He cannot rejoin till the timer is expired and you know that. After five minutes your back isn't save anymore.

PS: Thanks for the hint with the additional info. Therefore I threw the link out of my comment. But then this is a duplicate, isn't it?

You didnt thinks it very well @tomtom123, for ghosting you HAVE to change from server A to server B in order to move to a diferent position so you can before that come back to the server A and kill your enemy.
What I've said was that you should not get a penalty when you get out from server A and reconnect to server A, but you should still get a penalty (maybe even more minutes) if you change from server A to B.

This what I said is the same @tjhay wrote at the additional info in the post you have share.

"Additional Information -Put a 8 min timer every time you change servers that your player dose not mainly play on if you play consistently on one server no timer is needed"

EDIT: So answering your new post, there is also another timer: When you logout your character stays online (right now for just 30 seconds, should be more) so if you logout while in a fight you will be probably get killed. So you have to see the diference, here we are talking about the timer penalty against server hooping, which is a diferent timer than the combatlog one. By the way, people use to logout during combat in order to escape, if you log in again you will be exterminated while your game is loading, also remember all the noise your character makes when loging in and that this d*cks doing combatlogging has no idea where you are neither.

And no, is not a duplicate, cause at the other ticket they were asking for a timer penalty (there werent any at that point), and here we are asking for a fix on this timer penalty system.

PS. Sorry about all the gramatical errors i migth have, this is even hard to explain in my own language haha.

There is also the issue of being kicked from a server, then having to wait 300seconds before you can join a new one.

I personally don't care either way, but I feel a check shouldn't be too hard to code in.

And another issue when game crashes ... u must wait 300 sec after game grash and then u play like 3 mins and another crash and another 300sec ( same server )
So this is like 10 min waiting for 3 min o playing :)

agreed, if we get a red chain of death and reconnect to same server the 20-220 s time lag should not be there, it allows people to run forward and get drop on others, etc...

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Yeah i agree this system is horribly written. I also think you should be able to see. For the 30 seconds while you logout. And be able to cancel it. Joining the same server should not give you a timer. As DayZ crashes all the fucking time. I cannot connect to servers all the time. I get black screens that take forever. So I DC and reconnect to be able to get in. All of these give you a 300 second timer. When you shouldnt.

Good news, confirmed next patch will fix this :)