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No progress on game development
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I pay careful attention to the updates and reports here. About 3 or 4 weeks ago, there was a pronounced tempo to threads being updated, closed, and addressed, etc. The we got a patch to the stable version. Over the past 2 to 3 weeks there has been little to no movement on these reports. I see the same and similar issues being reported over and over. I see little to no progress on closing, acknowledging, or anything for that matter, of these threads. There also has been no update.

I think the devs have taken a holiday. Have we paid you too much, BI? I know we have paid Dean too much. He is talking about taking his cool million dollars and splitting before the project even hits BETA.

You have an epic title with a devoted following. We paid to support you. Finish the game.


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1 - Get a large devoted fanbase to pay for something that is not even started
2 - Get it started
3 - Make many millions of dollars
4 - Do a few things to make your fans happy and gain a few more
5 - Enjoy your money in the Sechelles while sipping Cristal in the hottub on your yacht.
6 -
7 - Oh ya. A video game. That's what we were doing!

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Hey you forgot step 8 in your reproduction list: Profit?

They are drinking it. ;-) When the money runs out they will release another patch.

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if you do not see any movement on this site, you are probably looking in the wrong places. Try checking the "Recently modified" tab from time to time.

As this issue serves no purpose I will be closing it (yay, movement!).