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Player stranded in room after leg break.
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I have marked this as "Movement" although it could easily be moved to "Environment" category as it is the player's interaction with the physical environment (in this case a doorway) that is the problem.

I have videoed the situation. As it is I do not know the name of the building this happened in, but those watching the video will recognise it. I was in Svetlo at the time but these houses are throughout the map and I presume the problem would be consistent throughout.

Essentially I suffered a delayed leg break for some reason (I was standing still looking out of the window) and had no ability to patch myself up (no morphine or sticks). I would have normally just crawled out of the room and down the stairs but it seems the player model when crawling is wider than when standing thus blocking my only exit from the room leaving me stranded.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Go to the room
  2. Break leg
  3. ???
  4. Profit

Joking aside I am guessing the leg break was simply the catalyst and that you are unable to crawl through whether your leg is broken or not. Obviously this is only an issue when you cannot move when crouched/standing and with the fracturing system seemingly delayed (I can only presume that was the reason for the broken leg) this problem has no arisen.

It's not an "urgent" problem in any way, in relation to some others, but it can render the player unable to play (or die at least for many in game hours) unless intervention is offered.

Additional Information

I tried all the usual methods of getting through the door as well as rolling, walking backwards, standing to attention (still possible with a broken leg) then crouching. Clearly I can get through the door either crouched or walking.

I had no other way of killing myself (rotten fruit, disinfectant, etc) and no other players were within range. My only resolution was, after 20 minutes of my "incarceration", to drop onto a TS server and plead for someone to come and cure (or kill, and it was the latter that was the solution used) me.

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Maybe it's only an experimental issue.
Video for proof, quality is bad but all the relevant things are there.


Thank you for sending in your feedback! Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find the spot and reproduce the issue. If the problem still persists, please update this issue with the exact location, and we'll have a look at it.

Thank you

I've had a similar issue. Leg broken in a pub like building (only ground level, bar and taps for drinks). Crawling has a hitbox larger than a door frame which results in being stuck.
Version 0.45.12499 Experimental

Hi Jochan,

If you send us a couple of screenshots regarding which door frames that cause you to become stuck, we'll have the devs look into it. In case you're still stuck, just submit a new issue in the feedback tracker and I'll help you out.



Here are the screencaps, tested in two locations (Kamyshowo and city north of NE airfiled that was added 2 patches ago), both are too narrow for a crawling men.

Thanks for sending in your screenshots Jochan! We'll try to reproduce the issues on the latest internal build and notify the devs according to our results.



Hello again Jochan,

I had a look at the issue on the latest internal build where I am able to crawl out of both door openings. I'll leave this issue open while waiting for a response from the original poster.



Hello again Jochan,

Thanks for sending in the extra video. I tried out the issue again, and today it is very difficult for me to crawl outside the building as well for some reason. It is possible to crawl outside, but it is not easy. I have notified the devs of the issue so they can have a look at it, but since the issue is with a different building than the one described by RickyRiot, I'll leave this issue in "need more info" status. If you feel like it, you can always submit a new issue in the feedback tracker specifically for the building in your video after which I can set it to "acknowledged" status.



Hello again,

Closing issue due to inactivity. However, in case the problem persists, please feel free to open up a new issue in the Feedback Tracker.