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Frequent desync and rubber banding
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On the latest experimental patch released 3/7/14 we are experiencing frequent desync and rubber banding. This begins occurring with about 15+ people on the server and gets worse as more people join. Doors refuse to open, items don't want to move to different slots in inventory, or be picked up from the ground or dropped from inventory to ground. It is also common to be running around and get teleported back as much as 100 meters depending on speed of travel. It has been happening for myself as well as all the other members of my group and tends to hit us all at the same time, meaning that it is likely a server issue and not dependent upon the client. Rarely does this situation ever present with a "chain" icon of any type or color.


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Steps To Reproduce

Download 42.116.2 experimental build
Join exp server with +15 players
Wait for rubberbanding

Additional Information

System Specs:

Intel i5 3570K OC'd to 4.3GHz
GSkill 8GB DDR3-2400
Corsair 240GB SSD
NVidia GTX 670 x2 in SLI
Win 7 x64

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Happens nonstop. Posted on the forums about it and got flamed for it. I can't believe something like this got past internal testing, it is obviously broken. Its an alpha and an experimental build!!!!!!!! Patches like this just shouldn't be released.

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I am also experiencing this, as well as constant crashing to desktop. This patch is much worse than stable as far as those issues are concerned.

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Can confirm. Happened to me and my friends yesterday. Just for a while though, as far as I could tell.

I played for a good 2 hours today and I was not "rubberbanded" once.
Server: SE-2
Players: Always above 30+

Confirming this, had it yesterday on US 0-3 Experimental server, 50/50 players.

Worst desync/rubberbanding I've seen since the game released.

As OP said, items wouldn't move, players were warping all over the place at a constant rate, zombies were also warping and generally much more glitchy.

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Also confirming. As stated its usually worse the more people that are on the server. If I had a nickel for every time I teleported off a ledge..haha

Also seems to happen with control inputs. I was on top of the school in berezino and jumped on top of the square deal, as you do. Had to hit the button a couple times as you sometimes have to with the jump/vault animation. Looted for a good 15-20 seconds, everything fine so far. Approach the ladder to crawl down and all of a sudden my guy decides he wants to jump off to his own death.

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Confirming, it is way worse that the previous patch, and actually to me unplayable atm, im not here to complain, i LOVE dayz, and appreciate all the work.
But this makes me wanna wait to play until this is fixed. as other people have said, you can barely even open doors anymore.

Imo, this desync is worse than ever, and the rubberbanding is almost as bad as it were previously when you added a fix for it.
If you try to shoot or hit zombies, it's not often detected until like 3-6 seconds later, and you still get hit by zombies etc.

Hope it helps.

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Confirming, also. It seems to fluctuate, though. Last night, it was unplayable and me and my friend had to log. Really annoying.

Rubberbanding is worse than before the latest hotfix.

Here's a video of what I'm experiencing:

Rubberbanding/Desync is really bad in latest patch. These teleportations seem to happen when approaching a city or area with lots of structures/loot. It will happen as you approach the city from an open area (fields/forests) and then usually once when you're actually in the city or airfield, as demonstrated here. Once you're in the city for a while the teleportation doesn't seem to happen. It's just things like not getting the option to open doors, inventory not responding to manipulation, and vaulting button not responding that continue to happen in cities.

The issue is still quite bad in experimental.

Hi there,

there's been quiet a few updates so far. Did you experience this problem in the past weeks? If so, let us know. Otherwise, please close this ticket as fixed.

Kind regards,