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Zombie respawn is too fast and aggressive
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Most of the time zeds spawn almost near my character, so I have constant unending melee fights with them.Cant even loot some buildings, I just have to fight them all the time.


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1.Find some small village or even a fuel station.
2.Aggro 1 zombie.
3.Kill it.
4.Watch em spawn and aggro on you infinitely.
5.Run for your life without any loot, or tear your last t-shirt for rags to stop bleeding.

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This is something that ruins all fun playing DayZ on this build.Nice rain system and melee rework by the way guys.

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The Zombie respawn mechanic is very basic at the moment and if they are killed they just respawn regardless of whether a player is nearby or not.

I'm certain the devs are aware and that they will improve how Zombies respawn in the near future.

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Ofcourse) Im aware of that its very basic too, just made a note about it.And there is also nice feeling of "28 days later" when zombies just keep on coming, so maybe its not a bad thing) + players on experimental branch are somewhat more friendly and less "shoot-on-sight"y.

I'm enjoying the respawn mechanic... and I can't wait for when it's more developed and zeds respawn outside of town and wander back in. As it stands, I was leaving Zelengorsk and shot a zed that was below the treeline only to hear screeches above me among the trees and have a couple zeds swoop in on me... it was terrifying! And awesome!

Hey there,

like Jonno said, this is a very early implementation and will be reworked fairly soon.

Closing this as it is not related to a final implementation of the mechanic.