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Cannot put items in cooking pot
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I got a cooking pot on experimental branch 0.42, and it appears to have 5x1 inventory slot layout. I try to drag single slot items into it, and every item appears red when mousing over a slot. I have tried many different items from food to compass, and none work.

The last experimental branch 0.37 allowed me to put items into the slots (was 3x2 slots) and it only allowed me to put a total of 4 items in, and the slot I put the item into was not the slot it ended up going into.


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Try to put items into the cooking pot

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Should be able to put items in there. Any smart camper would utilize the space. Hopefully there will be the option to attach cookware to backpacks in exchange for being noisy while moving.

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If this is fixed (we are able to put items inside to put it in my inventory) i will use it. 4 slots for an empty cooking pot is too much :(

we can't cook rice in pot.
this is the biggest problem


the cooking systems are not yet implemented. You will be able to put items into the pots once the survival content hits live servers.