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2 (paid) accounts on steam using the same character
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I setup another steam account for a family member (same PC), and bought a second copy of DAYZ. When they logged their account and then onto DAYZ, my character was showing on their account. In my method of thinking, when they log on it should show a new character, and mine again, when I log back on my account.


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install steam - buy and download DAYZ - played game 3 or 4 days - set up second steam account - buy 2nd copy of DAYZ - log on 2nd account - run DAYZ - 1st accounts character shows up - get paranoid and log them off so they don't loose your loot! - log back on to 1st account to check - pick a server (where it gets tricky) - loot is gone - ask self (did i pick a non whitelisted server or is this an actual issue?)

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had no problems logging servers until this happened, then I seemed to have issues until the character who randomly showed up on different servers died naturally in game.

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Sorry version 35.115188 I put the build number from steam previously


the main menu screen displays the character that was last played, no matter which account. Upon connecting to an actual server, you will always load the character that is tied to the active Steam account.