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Light from headlamp too low when crouching or going prone
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The light from the headlamp seems to inexplicably lower when crouching or going prone. I understand it lowering when looking down the sights of a weapon because we tend to tilt our head and raise our eyes to do that, but this isn't so with crouching or going prone where we can still have our head almost perpendicular to the ground. In fact, our POV doesn't change when we crouch or go prone, so why should the lamp light? Is it because the head is lowering? If so, it's lowering too much.

Currently (in Hardcore, anyway), it's pointless trying to look under a bunk (or pretty much anything) when prone at night... the light has shifted so far downward that it's useless. It makes no sense... I'm looking pretty almost straight ahead, but the angle of the light has shifted dramatically lower.

Currently, when using a headlamp, the game simulates the point when the head is no longer turning to the side, but we continue to move our eyes - the view continues moving to the side, but the lamp remains fixed. That's the way it should work. If this is also the way it works with up and down, the animation for prone and crouching needs to be adjusted... it's putting the stop position too low.


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Put on headlamp. Turn it on. Crouch. Go Prone.

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also when aiming down sights the headlamp points too low, cant see were youre aiming at.

Yeah, I can confirm. The light goes into an unrealistic direction once you go crouch or prone.