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Zombies respawn too fast and too close
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Been running around for a few days in experimental and killing zombies has become a bit of a hassle:

  • Zombies respawn within seconds of others getting killed
  • Zombies respawn in the immediate vicinity of players (I had one spawn 3 feet in front of me)

Personally I love that zombies are finally respawning, but it definitely needs some work. Doing something as stupid as attempting to off all the zombies in a town with bullets will just leave you out of ammo and chased out of town.


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Kill zombies

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Video of someone else documenting the same issue;

If you shoot in a another player or zombie, zombies start to respawn near you. And also they already agred on you.

No, that was added about 6 days after this report. I've since become aware that the current zombies are placeholders, and will be completely revamped in time. Hence this report may just as well be closed immediately.

Speed and aggressivity of the new Zombies are very good, but the instant respawns (also near to the Players) are unreal and annoying. A respawn of 5-10 minutes, I would find more suitable.

...btw. great compliment to the entire dayz-team for the weekend stable patch 0.43.116251.

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i agree full.
Speed, aggressivity AND all coming if you shot is very nice. They hear the shot and come. Very nice.
As Sir Drake wrote, they spawn only too near and too fast. And they can watch to long distance.
That they spawn on a house it is funny ^^. Like a gimmic.

And: Yes, thanks for the hotfix! :)


the current zombie mechanics are just placeholders and will be changed again fairly soon. For that reason I will close this thread as it will not be relevant soon.