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When getting kicked, character remains in server, for over 2.5 minutes
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I got kicked on join today, I decided to join the same server again whilst recording with the intent of reporting it to GSP.

Upon spawning, I saw my own character in front of me, the one that spawned with my last joining attempt.

I stayed near my (other) character for over 2.5 minutes, and he was still there.
This is probably a bug, hence the report, but it also got me thinking.

I feel that if you get kicked by the admin, the 30 second log out timer should not apply. You did not get the chance to go to safety, and the 30 second timer is implemented to punish combat loggers, not victims of (b)admins.


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Join one of those servers....
Join again and see yourself..

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We have tested this and characters remain on the server only for the appropriate amount of time.