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Certain consumable items are automatically slotted to the hot bar when dbl-click-added to inventory or consumed from ground
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Certain consumables, most noticeably canned drinks, when consumed (using right click + "drink") or added to player inventory by double-clicking from the ground/immediate area will be automatically be slotted to the inventory hotbar.

This happens with all canned drinks with the possible exception of SPITE. Seems like SPITE will not always do this. I believe something similar happens when double clicking a weapon spawn to add it to a player's inventory.

Water bottles if consumed from the ground will be taken into hands as is normal, but then they will also be added to the player's inventory if space exists even though only the "drink" action was selected.

This is a minor issue, but maybe points to opportunities for in improvement within the inventory UI code or the canned-drink item code.


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Steps To Reproduce

Find any canned drink spawn with the exception of SPITE for best results.
Open the player inventory using the TAB key
See the canned drink spawn showing in immediate area/ground
Right-click and select drink or double-click add item to player's inventory
Item will be added to player's inventory hotbar even though it was not dragged there by the player.

Additional Information

Experimental branch currently, but this has long been the case on stable branch as well.

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