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Players have to walk up hill... Zombies can run!
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When running around the map i've noticed on every occasion i'm presented with an up hill incline i must walk up it unless i strafe up the hill on a certain angle.
Zombies however can run up the hill without losing speed. This is very annoying as if you are in a hilly area and have zombies coming for you essentially you are done for unless you turn and fight. prehaps running up hill should make you slower but walking pace is too slow. Also if like me you want to get to places "As the crow flies" this again proves to be a huge problem. as it would be faster taking the roads due to this issue.


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get a zombie chasing you then run straight up a steep hill.

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This is a known issue for the devs. Rocket acknowledged it during the Eurogamer live stream. He said it's a clipping issue that needs to be resolved.

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cheers for the reply

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You are very welcome, my good man.

I'm glad it's being worked on, but I would point out that in reality taking the roads would normally be quicker than 'as the crow flies' across hilly terrain, there should be some downside to taking the safer (in terms of being spotted by other players) route.