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Mosin zoom - door opened or closed?
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I thought there was an enemy in the street when I checked the doors with mosin without scop from the hill. You can see my video, when I checked the door without zoom it was closed when I zoom out it was opened.

Please fix it.


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You can check the my video settings in the video. Windows 7 x64 SP1 - 780 GTX with 334.89

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You may have to set your shadow distance to a higher value, if I am not wrong.

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How/Where can I do this?

Go to where the DayZ folder is, for me, Documents\DayZ and in there find the file that is:

  • your name.DayZProfile (For example: Dave.DayZProfile)

(Open the one that is NOT the 'vars' file)

  • Open with notpad
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom
  • Look for 'shadowZDistance', it will be around 150-300 probably. I think it's in metres, so if you increase it, the fps will drop.

Ohh yes, I changed it. What is the default value?


thanks for pointing this out. We will see if anything can be done about this.


unfortunately, it is not within our power to fix this issue at this time, without causing a major performance hit.

It was decided that this problem will be left as it is as it is not a gamebreaking problem.

We appreciate your feedback.