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Invisible items
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I have desperately attempted to find ammo boxes in prisons and barracks. After 10 prisons and barracks I had to admit that there was NO AMMO BOXES in the game, or rather that they became INVISIBLE. I deleted the player.vars file and found an ammo box immediately after that. Something like that already happened to me a few weeks ago with the ACOG in my inventory.

In only three days of gaming (I hadn't played for 3 weeks because of character reset) I also managed to get attacked on the third floor of offices by zombies on the first floor, I lost my Mosin that I had to drop a few seconds because of server crash, I lost 2 full yellow boxes which disappeared from the inventory, I ruined my TTSKO pants by walking (no fall) in the offices (my legs and the stuff inside were fine), I managed to walk while being unconscious and until a friend revived me.


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Hello Karakoz,

I'll close your ticket, since problem related to the ammo boxes should no longer be an issue. However, in case you encounter any further problems, please feel free to open up a new ticket in the Feedback Tracker.

Please feel free to submit seperate tickets for each issue after performing searches for similar reports in the Feedback Tracker.