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Character gets tired from zooming, but not if you hold down the free look (alt) button
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When zooming by holding down right mouse button, character gets tired and breathes more heavily. This does not happen when holding down the alt button during the aforementioned zooming.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Stand or crouch somewhere with hands relaxed at your sides and no weapons in your hands.
  • Hold down right mouse button for 5-10 seconds (zoom), and release it. Your character is now tired and breathes heavily.
  • Now do it again, but hold down the alt button before and during the zooming. Your character no longer breathes heavily during/after, and zooming appears to have had no effect on stamina.
Additional Information

Is the stamina effect of zooming really intended? If so, holding down the alt button should not affect it.

IRL, I don't get particularly exhausted by concentrating my vision and focusing on a certain point in the horizon, so maybe it shouldn't affect stamina in-game either? Just my two cents.

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You don't get tired from zooming, you get out of breath from holding your breath for a long time. Right mousebutton is usually bound to both Zoom and Hold Breath. Binding Hold Breath to another button solves that part of the problem.

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Hello Fayed,
the explanation magmatrix has provided is indeed correct and I do not see the issue here. I'll take a look into the freelook interaction.