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Losing items
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This have happen at least three times.

I logout fine with good and late game items, but when i login i lose some items it might be random but i have lost ammo boxes 5 times or more and they where full!

One time the most critical i see is when the power went out i dont know why, but when i loged back in i had lost my backpack, Uk Assult vest and shoes, lost about 300-400 rounds for m4 and lots of good food.


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It seems to be random as both myself and my friends get this problem kinda often.

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It dont seem to have anything to do where you are as it have happen in south,east and north.

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Yes, lost a sawn off shotty, ammo box, and 3 cans some days ago.
Not totally annoying, but well.
when searching for certain objects quite a long time, and then they're suddenly gone...

Yes i agree, the first time i was like oh well just need to find them again, but when you lose items again and again you get annoyed.

Off topic, but intersting to me:
300-400 rounds? Seriously? Have you ever been in a situation where you emptied your 60 round mag before ending a firefight?

This is just my personal view, but I don't think someone will live long enough in a firefight to fire more than 120 rounds.

Anyway, might be related to this: #78


Well i have never emptied a 60R mag before in a firefight.

But i find it good to have a lot of ammo because then you just need to fire, no need to think about ammo. Also i should add this, some ammo was in the ammo box but i had 3 40R, 2 30R and one 60R mag on me. I was really pissed losing all that and sitting with not even a full mag left (had 36/40R mag).

and i saw the other post, have had those problems as well so not the first time i saw that post.

I've had hell of a lot of such situations. At some point, you get used to it, but it's still frustrating when it happens.

And I get your point that the more ammo, the less you need to think about it. I'm just not like that since I've never been in a situation where I had to "spray and pray".

But getting back to the actual issue, I've already witnessed this problem with a buddy I was playing with. I'm launching my game with some performance increasing parameters and I gave them to him. And as he logged out and back in later, his character was almost naked.

For some reason though, I've never had that problem yet. I had rollbacks due to server restarts, but these were just like 10 minutes of gameplay. And of course, I had the resets, where you spawn at the coast and don't know why.

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I just lost 2 yellow boxes with stuff inside, including a LR scope. This is quite boring. This is the first time something like that happens in my inventory.

I just joined my preferred server (which i play as the only one) and found my little Dude whiped to a fresh spawn. Second Problem is that the spawnpoints on the coast have very little to no loot. Its hard and frustrating to play.

Sorry for bad english