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Random broken leg in police station "Dolina" (experimental)
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I walked to the 2nd floor of police station in Dolina.Went in to a room with a narrow passage between two desks and tried to loot off one of the desk, not sure if it happened with the inventory screen open or right after I looted.

Heard a broken leg sound and character laid down on the floor. Can crouch but not stand up. Bottom left corner reports "legPainAche", however inventory screen does not report a fracture message (see attachment). Later I heard a zombie aggro'ing but not visible yet remained aggro'ed.

In conclusion, I suspect the structure though the zombie could potentially have been the culprit.



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Go to the police station (in Dolina).
2nd floor > the room with two desks creating a narrow pathway (at roughly 7/8 o'clock coming up the stairs).
Stand in between the two objects and perhaps wiggle a bit with the character.

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Hi, played on branch 0.37.115791 and got attacked by a Zombie. After that the same message occurred randomly like in the screenshot. There was no Status like "fractured" shown. So no clue what can I do against it. Does Morphine helps also in this case?

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happend to me in 0.55 exp in Kamysovo police station. No zombies around standing on the second floor and my feets got a fracture. Nobody was anywhere close.