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Ability to see the server-name in the game
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I´m not sure if it´s already possible. Found no adequate results on google. It would be useful if I could see the server-name I´m playing on while I´m in the game. Maybe on the player screen, when I hit P.


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pretty sure every streamer is against this.

use the friends tab to have friends join on you.

how about a server info screen instead of contantly displaying it? As for the friends tab, you try being in a clan with 170+ dayz players, it's a little hard to friend everyone you might play with.


a clan with 170+ dayz players? - you're doing it wrong!

hey i don't handle the recruiting I just play the game. Probably half of them aren't on regularly I usually end up playing with the same 10-15 players on our server

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Very good Idea, vote up !!

@Geez i think this idea was implemented.

Maybe close this ticket?)

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