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Blurry Graphics
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Every time I log in or get hit by a zombie my graphics go blurry and stay that way until I go into the graphics settings and then come out of them again,its not the end of the world but its a bit of a pain


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Logging in and getting hit by a zombie

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Blurry screen is an intended effect of having low health

I'm seeing this exact problem. I'm running on a NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M.

I've had this as well, and I've been healthy for the last 5 hours i've played

This has absolutely nothing to do with health, I have this everytime I log in, when entering the server first thing I have to do is go to configure, then click video and everything is good again. I even had it so bad that my whole screen was black with weird orange stripes (I couldn't see anything) clicking video fixed it all. This is very annoying, because it is a Horror/Survival game and if someone is walking near (enemy/zombie) and I can't see shit, I'm gonna die.

If I get hit by a zombie I get the same thing, but this is logical if you get "dizzy" or something from the hit, the only problem is that I still have to go to video to fix it.

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Yeah, it seems it once working recently, now not again.(on experimental for me)

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I had the same bug, It is a duplicate with #8531

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Long Story Short: Turn off Post Processing in video settings.
This I believe is supposed to be an intended effect such as R834 mentioned, but it is not working properly. Normally this should happen right before you black out from bleeding, starvation, etc. Which I have seen work perfectly. But other times you get hit by a zombie once, you can be 100% healthy and get that damn blurry screen. If you disable post processing, it will fix this completely.

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Hello and thank you for the report Hippy.
We are aware of this issue #0018880 and it has been scheduled for a fix.