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Northern Cherno Highrise Apartments Ladders
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The ladders at the top of the tallest apartment buildings are really buggy. When trying to go up it half of the time you just end up falling back down to your death.


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Go to just below the top of the apartments
Start using the ladder but go slowly.
Once at the top do not hold forward.
You will likely fall back to the start of the ladder and die.

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This is really frustrating. :(

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I can confirm this

seems to just be u two because me and a friend of mine climb up there all the time to snipe people and we had no problems

Use search function, ladders have been reported many times already, it is counter-productive to have so many duplicate posts on this site. (And yes, these specific ladders have been reported).

Duplicate of #1425 (Fall off ladders in top floor of 8 story buildings).

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