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Inaccessible Reporting system
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In order to help the developer team recognize in game bugs, I had to jump a lot of (in my mind) unnecessary hoops.

The process to register for this feedback site took over a week to get authority to post anything.

Once I did get authority to post I ad to change my password.

Then In process of posting about bugs I had o sift hundreds of repeat posts about bugs I already knew existed.

Then while posting I had to give extraneous information to even hit the report/finished button.

This is an awful lot of red tape in order to simply "help" thrugh active communication.

To comply with your request to read all above previous reports to make sure I am not making a duplicate thread is beyond asinine as it is well over 300 PAGES not thread long.

Not to mention there is no convenient look up for which version of the game I am playing or even which part of the version you want me to regurgitate (completely unnecessarily since the material has a date). Luckily I was able to guess after a couple of failed attempts.. separate unintentional game?

Furthermore, having paid money for this game I find it ironic that I would have to actually explain all this bout your bug report forum.


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Apply to report bugs, bleh.

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They used to have it easy to report, you could report as guest etc, but the bug report system got flooded with spam. We (the community) actually requested that it should be harder to report bugs to reduce spam.

As for all the information required, that is just kind of obvious, they need that information so that your report can be useful to them. In a way you are not obliged to report bugs, it is not like you are getting paid for this, you are right you paid to be part of this, so maybe you didn't know exactly what you were buying into.

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Aside from taking a week for the confirmation of registration to come through, there's really nothing wrong with anything you've mentioned here.

What information do you find extraneous when reporting?

There's a search and filter feature to help sift through all of the posts

Game version is displayed in the top right hand corner of the game's main menu. You can't put versions with more than one decimal place into the tracker's Game Version field, which is a problem, but just take off the beginning '0.'

"completely unnecessarily since the material has a date"
You can be on the experimental build so it's necessary

Hello there,

like R834 said, the only problem I see is the fact that it took a week for you to receive your confirmation email. For that I can only apologize.

Aside from that pretty much everything you said is nonsense in all honesty. The search function on this site is, in my opinion, fairly powerful and intuitive at the same time. I have no trouble filtering everything I need. You certainly don't need to read through 300 pages of issue to check whether or not was your bug posted before.

When posting the version number, the last 6 numbers of the version are sufficient. You don't have to write the whole thing.

All this extra "effort" is here to discourage trolls and spammers and only allow people who actually want to help with the development in.

I hope I managed to alleviate some of your concerns and that we'll get to work on some nice bugs together.