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Fnx Mag is it in the loot list?
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Ever since update 0.35.115188 came out I haven't found a single FNX 45 magazine or FNP sight. Looked in all the spawn places (fire station, Mil Barrack, ect) and nothing. Found plenty of 45's and flashlights and silencers, but no magazines or sights. And I have looked loads of times after server resets and done the old disliked server hoping to try to find one. Not saying you can't get them, but they are like the preverbal rocking horse shit at the moment. And without the magazine I think the gun is a waste of time as a single shot item. To long to reload with the back pack faf.


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search and see if you can find one. If you have one congratulations you might have the only one in the game lol.

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Can somewhat confirm? searched NEAF, got a lucky reset, searched again, hoofed it down to NWAF, searched, lucky reset again, had both placed to myself, plenty of ammo, plenty of M4 mags and speedloaders... no FNX mags

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I have seen both the sight and the magazine. They do seem to be too rare at the moment though, especially the magazine.

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R834 Thx for restoring my faith. So they still do exist in the game. Albeit on a rare spawn in.

on top of the firehousebuildings... hundrets of it...

They're just rare as hell! I've been in your position, same thing with silencers.

Yes, they are far too rare, especially for a gun that has 3 drops just to use compared to others.

Found 4 of em last night after posting in this, and quantum2k6 is right, don't forget to search on top of the firehouses, also look under bunkbeds

Ya. It is there. I have only had them on one day since. On that day, I had 3 of them. !! LOL!

Yep found 2 in one session. All at a fire house. My point remains though I haven't found them any where else.

yah its there i seen a few i got 3 on me now sight as of seen yet but i have seen mag's

Don't understand why people voted down as they are not spawning in their other locations only the fire stations as far as I can tell. Or am I hugely wrong.

it does spawn... the mag and any other speedloaders besides m4 mags are quite rare to find. just keep looking in military buildings.
my guess is you didnt play enough to find some in NEAF, NWAF, or BAF.

I do and have spent many many hours searching in military buildings and not found one fnx mag. Loads of M4 ones and loads of fnx pistols. The only place I have found them regular is at the fire stations. At Military installations it must be very, very low down in the drop rate.

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found them in both military and fire stations

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Found 2 mags in the NWAF.

roof of the air traffic control tower (the real top roof after climbing ladder) almost always spawns some kind of attachment for me. plus alot of ppl ignore to check it (even if it is risky)

Oh well I see some people don't think this is an issue that it mainly spawns in one place. Well the cat is out of the bag now and fire stations are the main place to get one. Good luck trying to find one now :-).

This should actually not be an issue (anymore). It is in the loot list and it spawns (not too rarely) in any military place (including fire stations).

Please close this as solved.



Thanks for sending in all your feedback regarding this issue. I'll close the ticket, since the bug has been fixed in the latest internal build. However, in case you encounter any other bugs, please feel free to open up a new ticket in the Feedback Tracker.