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[VERY ANNOYING] Inaccuracsy is TOO damn high
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Everybody reading this already encountered the situation where you have some one in plain sight, zero your scope, pull the trigger and MISS.
Is it due to your character being hungry?No!thirsty?No!out of breath?No!
It is due to the weapon physics.
For example the Mosin that uses 7.62 rounds that travel at 833 m/s is not able to hit someone 300m away spot on (in the middle of the crosshair)?
The M4 is the same way. Plenty of videos showing the inaccuracy on a Pristine gun.
I think it is a unacceptable state as it makes hitting the target a game of chance and not of skill.


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I can totally agree, you almost have more chance in getting out a screwdriver and charging.

Screed added a subscriber: Screed.May 8 2016, 5:16 PM

I dumped the SKS and kept my Mosin just for this issue. Not out of breath, prone and observing my shots hit all around a target except where my crosshairs are pointed.

Pristine guns with pristine/worn equipment are not this inaccurate in real life. Not sure where the devs got the idea that a pristine SKS can't hit a target at 300 meters consistently while prone.....

GungZA added a subscriber: GungZA.May 8 2016, 5:16 PM

this isn't cod, learn to compensate for the gun's lack of accuracy

app0815 added a subscriber: app0815.May 8 2016, 5:16 PM

agreed, it's a bit off in long ranges. I understand wind is now somehow in the game - whether it is limited to cloud movement or includes ballistics trajectory manipulation - I don't know.

If wind is now effecting bullet trajectories you should still be able to "walk" your shots to an intended target. Right now they are COMPLETELY random.....

The only thing that would cause this on a bullet is:
1.) Damaged ammunition where there are burrs or metal fragments missing. This would cause random effects as the bullet will not mate with the barrel correctly as it travels.
2.) Damaged barrel or crown of the barrel. Again, the bullet and barrel are not mating correctly causing random effects on bullet trajectory.
3.) Damaged gun site. But to get random effects that we are seeing in game the sites will have to have some kind of play in them.

@GungZA Indeed this isn't cod and yes learning to compensate for a guns inaccuracy is part of the game. But the game is a Simulator and as a simulator it simulates your health, broken bones and etc. So also the gun physics should be correctly simulated. Which it does NOT do!
If gravity and wind has an effect on the bullet it should drop by 9.81m/s on a 833m (in case of the 7.62 round) and the wind should (when coming from 90° side) should have also full effect on the bullets trajectory.
But if a zeroed scope that basically (in game) zeroes out the distance makes a bullet go over head or hits the ground before you hit your target. Something is wrong! Also missing your target by 2m on a 300m shot must be some strong as wind!

So just like @Screed mentioned the behavior of the gun is TOO random.

I mean if you REALLY want to get technical Gungza as I have some knowledge of ballistics;

a 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Winchester) w/ an muzzle velocity of ~853m/s (2800fps) weight of 9.72 g. (150grains) having a ballistic coefficient of 0.435 and a zero at 100m will CONSISTENTLY drop .34 meters when shooting at a target at 300 meters away at sea level temperature of 15 degrees celsius.

Add a cross wind of ~18kph and it will drift .2 meters (~ 8 inches) this will not make you miss by 40+ inches unless the wind is blowing over 40mph, and even then you should still get consistent hits in one location!

you're all going on the theory that every single player is a trained marksman shooting from a bench rest. Trigger control, breath control (even normal breathing) how the rifle is seated in the shoulder, amount of finger actually used to pull the trigger, too tight of a grip on the trigger hand... there are alot more human factors to accuracy at range than there are ballistic hurdles...

Well Doc, until they put in a skill leveling system we'll all go on the fact that when you're character isn't breathing heavy, laying prone, the bullet should roughly hit the same spot every time.

no please no skill system, just assume your weapon is inaccurate, learn how your weapon tends to shoot and compensate. It's not that hard.

lol Gung, apparently you haven't read or understood any of the previous posts.

You can't compensate on how a weapon shoots if its completely RANDOM each time.......

Do me a favor, get an SKS and give it a try.

I'll be doing that tonight screed, found an SKS and popped a P/U scope on it, i'll go harrass some bambis and use em as target practice to prove your theory

theory of a group being what?
application of fire?
points of aim for prone, sitting, kneeling and standing all vary.
seriously, I bet most people believe they can hit a static target at 100mtr standing and hit a bull every time. I bet most haven't even seen a real range never mind shot on one.

Yes on full auto the shots will be random, this is normal. With an SKS or Mosin it is more controlled, some of them shoots left more than others, some others shoot almost dead on, learn the gun you have and compensate for it's inperfections. If the guns are really as inaccurate as you say then no one should be able to kill anyone, but people get killed everyday, some people even get multiple kills everyday @ more than 500m, so ask yourself how do they do it.

I did take out a zomb at ~325M with the blaze rifle last night, iron sights. Maybe it's just you

I've been pondering on this. What about a sliding skill level system? The more you do something the better you do it, you don't do it for a long time, your skill starts dropping. of course on death it would need to be reset but it'd be realistic in the sense of getting "rusty"

GoZeska added a subscriber: GoZeska.May 8 2016, 5:16 PM

Are you guys interested in an uncut montage of me making long distance shots when the new 0.56 build comes out? I think the problem might just be your zeroing because I'm able to make the shots at ranges at 500+

No one cares dude. This was ages ago! Look at the version number when this was reported. Someone should assume Bohemia could have improved the game drastically since then but they just took our money and literally fucked us. Never ever will i buy another Bohemia game.

JiJi added a subscriber: JiJi.May 8 2016, 5:16 PM
JiJi added a comment.May 4 2015, 6:23 PM

GA-Bulletproof , your last (offensive) comment is a loss of credibility for yourself and so your ticket.

Omg my credibility, rofl. Dude no offense it's a freaking game. The game manufacturer is not just piggy backing on my money but your money too. So get over the fact that I insulted the game producer and just continue your life. And if your ingame = real life, I'm really sorry for you.

Didn't check the timestamp, it was "new" and somehow at the top of my view, so I figured I'd help you out.

You should actually go in first person and aim down the ironsight/scope, and not noscoping someone.

Bohemia added a subscriber: Bohemia.May 8 2016, 5:16 PM

the weapons are really accurate IMO. iv tested a lot of the weapons extensively, this is coming from a guy who couldn't tell how far 100 meters really was in game, which turned out to be quiet a distance. in my opinion the hit boxes are too big, iv used up my ammunition on small targets and zombies from 200 to 300 meters and its only at those ranges with iron sights that the weapon takes a slight hit in accuracy. Try the blaze 95 at 200 to 300 you cant even see the sight picture at that range but that doesn't mean its impossible to hit a target if you do not compensate you will end up missing. Try hitting the blue street signs at 200 300 and you'll see how the bullet trajectory is calculated, most often you have to compensate at those ranges and you'll see the bullet impact its usually a grayish black dot.