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Clothing/Backpack intermittently comes into and obscures view when aiming down scope as character moves
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When aiming down sights with an M4 & aim-point sight adding player movement will cause clothing to intermittently obscure the view down the sight as the player strafes or walks.

Hard to tell if it's the jacket, hunting backpack, or tactical vest my toon is wearing as they are all the same color on my character. I'd say it's the hunting backpack, but I'm not sure.


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Aim down sights with an M4 & aim-point sight then have the character walk or strafe.

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Minor issue. I can try and isolate the piece of clothing that is causing this if needed.

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yes this happens to me when i have a tactical shirt on and i look in first person view down the sight, also when i have a gas mask on somthing keeps popping up on the bottom left when i am in first person view as well.

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Same here, happens with hunting backpack.

If you carry a Mosin, the barrel tip also blocks a good portion of the view when you strafe crouching.